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About Wright Options - Health and Social Care Recruitment Agency and Education Consultants

Wright Options is a recruitment agency based in Luton and partnered with the University of Bedfordshire. We hold a team of health and social care industry specialists, who aim to help those with a passion for care find their footing in the market landscape. With the diverse range of rewarding career paths in the health and social care spheres, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And if you’ve just started looking into a future in care or any other career, our team is more than willing to advise, assist and facilitate your acceptance into one of the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Wright Options is an established agency whose reputation has built itself on a multitude of success stories. We conduct a thorough prepping process for candidates and filter process for employers, and are always happy to see the right two come together.

There is a wealth of job opportunities in the UK health and social care industry, many of which graduates and even experienced personnel are unaware of. Care institutions across the UK are searching for suitable candidates and simply do not have the resources to find the right personnel within the time constraints. Wright Options aims to put the right candidates in contact with the correct employers. Our database of qualified candidates can help employers hire new staff promptly and easily, and our relationship with a range of impressive institutions can help candidates secure their dream job.

Wright options also helps international students get into the best UK universities and programmes. Whether you want to enroll in a health or social care course or seek employment in the UK, Wright Options will help you get placement at the institution that will set you down your desired career trajectory. We recruit and place only the best, making sure that our candidates get the right documentation, certification and education along the way, so they can get the most out of our health and social care recruitment agency.

Our approachable team has been in the business a long time, and aims to help any student or working professional make the right career choice. Our consultants serve as a guiding hand to students, candidates and employers alike. We share your vision of the powerful future the care field has to offer.

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