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Wright Options - Recruitment Agents and Higher Education Consultants for the UK Health and Social Care Sector

Wright Options provides recruitment and education consultation services for British and international students, graduates and experienced personnel who wish to study at UK universities or work at UK care institutions.

Recruitment Services

Our recruiters source qualified and experienced candidates with specialities in a wide variety of care disciplines and point them in the direction of the most suitable health and social care institutions throughout the UK. We place candidates at public hospitals, private residences and nursing homes. Wright Options recruits British citizens as well as international candidates and ensure that all our professionals have the correct qualifications and experience necessary to make the most of the job.

Prospective employers in the UK health and social care sector are encouraged to contact Wright Options to find qualified professionals to fill positions at hospitals, nursing homes and clinics throughout the UK.

UK University Application Services

We help international students get acceptance into UK university programmes. We specialise in helping students who are interested in care disciplines apply to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We have helped several international students gain acceptance into nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy and legions of other courses at UK universities of their choice.

Our higher education consultants take care of all aspects of the consultation process, from advice about choosing the correct course, based on your academic history, to receiving the acceptance letter and applying for a UK student visa.

Contact Wright Options on 07548 056348 or if you are a prospective student, recent graduate or experienced professional looking to advance your career in health or social care by either working at a UK institution or studying at UK universities. We’ll add you to our database. Employers are welcome to submit the requirements of their dream employee, and we will assign the candidates that best correspond.