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Our Vision

We offer a highly reliable recruitment service for care sector professionals in the UK. Wright Options effectively places candidates in vacancies suited to their educational qualifications and experience and ensures that candidates and employers are well matched for a lasting relationship. Care is a rewarding field, and we look forward to facilitating new members by making the hiring and recruitment process easy and straightforward.

At Wright Options, we prioritise excellence through education, which is why we’re partnered with some of the most unrivalled universities in the UK, among these the University of Bedfordshire.

Welcome to Wright Options

We recruit the optimal health and social care talent from around the world for the UK Health and Social Care Sector. We’re looking for passionate, qualified graduates and health care professionals, as well as budding young people interested in a career in care.

Wright Options has a team of experienced recruiters working tirelessly to ensure that we place the right candidates in the right positions. We focus on recruiting and placing candidates with a wide range of specialities in the health and social care field.

Services we offer:

  • Recruiting
  • Candidate Placement
  • Education Consultation

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Wright Options is a recruitment agency and university application consultancy based in Luton. We specialise in providing staffing and education solutions for the UK health and social care sector. We partner with UK universities and healthcare institutions to find our candidates the courses at care educational facilities throughout the UK, and in turn, equip them for the best job positions.

We offer a range of education and career services for prospective health and social care students and working professionals. Our main services include recruiting, candidate placement and university application consultation.

We recruit health and social care professionals for the UK. We fill both permanent and temporary positions. Our recruiters ensure that employers are put in contact with the most qualified professionals and that candidates receive fair compensation for their services.

We help students from all around the world apply and get accepted into a variety of programmes at UK universities. We specialise in advising on and finding placements for students and are proudly partnered with the University of Bedfordshire.